Sardinian Culture: Art, Music, Local Traditions, and Folklore

The history of our land is ancient and unique. The first inhabitants of the island date back to the Neolithic period and it has always been a mooring for those who sailed the waters of the Mediterranean for trade. The Sardinian people have maintained and preserved their unique identity and pride in their roots but in many cities you can still find historical artifacts and dialects that have been strongly influenced by those who tried to conquer it. When talking about the history of our land, we have to mention our famous fortresses, known and admired all over the world. These are, of course, the Nuraghi, relics of the Nuragic civilization.

Our island has an abundance of local festivals and fairs. Sharing and the sense of belonging to a unique people is the cultural glue that binds together these authentic pagan and religious rites. Taking place throughout the year, these events now attract tens of thousands of visitors. Among the most important celebrations are the Carnival of the Boes and Merdules in Ottana, the Mamuthones and Issohadore in Mamoiada, and the Sartiglia in Oristano. The distinctive masks worn at these events are undoubtedly a strong reference to a collective primordial memory, a manifestation of something we are all part of, including life and death itself. These events reflect the unique culture of the Sardinian people, rich in history, myths, and mysteries.
Traditional Sardinian costumes tell the story of this land and are an expression of its hospitable and sunny character. In addition to clothing, Sardinian craftsmanship is famous for its ceramics, products made of cork, fabrics worked with great patience and skill by local women, and last, but certainly not least, for the working of the filigree designs that makes Sardinian jewellery incomparable. You can experience the magic of the real Sardinian spirit with us, through the informal weaving courses we run, taught by expert and experienced weavers who have dedicated their lives to this work. It is important to emphasise that every region of Sardinia, every single village, has its own unique traditions. With such diversity, your events will always be fresh and out of the ordinary.
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