Activities and Wellness

Your people will be able achieve a balance between mind and body if you promote their psycho-physical well-being during your event. Breath-taking natural landscapes, crystal clear waters, and white, peaceful beaches could be all you need to achieve this goal ... in fact, if you wander anywhere in Sardinia you will find yourself immersed in an unspoiled natural environment that can be the backdrop for the development of any project you can imagine. If you are a lover of sport, excursions, and outdoor pursuits, Sardinia offers a wide variety of activities, from boat trips to diving, sailing, windsurfing, and every diversion that such an extensive coastline has to offer.
If you are inspired by the hinterland, you can take part in bicycle excursions, horseback riding and trekking that will give you the opportunity to explore the most secluded and scenically stunning parts of the island. Sport can be a social activity that brings people closer together. We have ties with the best golf clubs on the island. These days, golf is a sport that is attracting an increasing number of both professional and novice players to the island.
Among our clients' favourite activities is horseback riding along our wonderful coastline. We are affiliated with a lot of equestrian associations on the island. Another strong selling point of the island is the weather. The mild climate makes it possible to take advantage of the island’s resources not only during the summer, but also during the cooler months. Outdoor activities such as kayaking, yacht racing, and windsurfing, can be enjoyed most of the year. The wind is another characteristic feature of our region. Let yourself be cradled by the warm wind and the mild climate and leave us to organise your activities and free time.