Food and Wine

Food and wine have transformed tourism. Over the years, we have seen this sector grow exponentially to satisfy the needs of experts and non-experts alike, who are always looking for new taste experiences that have stimulated an interest in the region. Sardinia plays a key role in responding to this demand in Italy. Sardinian cuisine is deeply influenced by the natural produce of the land and the sea, combining the dishes of the ancient pastoral and peasant tradition with those of seafaring origin, the flavours of which are enhanced by the aromas and scents of the island's Mediterranean herbs and spices.
Even today, Sardinian gastronomy follows the rhythms of the seasons and, inspired by authenticity and sobriety, bursts with an explosion of unique flavours, even though its influences are always discernible. The variety of dishes is the result of local customs and traditions that are very different from area to area. Our cuisine has produced even more unique tastes in the great outdoors, in the centuries-old holm oak woods, or in the typical summer pastures, with authentic food and good wine in the company of local Sardinian Shepherds. Have you ever thought of enhancing your team's skills by organising Sardinian cooking courses given by our expert chefs?
Are you looking for a trustworthy company that can organise a course in cheese and ricotta processing, traditional cooking, or even the preparation of bread, fresh pasta, or Sardinian desserts? Sardinia has a prestigious and centuries-old confectionery culture, which makes the most of limited ingredients by combining them with rare skill. Preserving these ancient recipes and instilling a sense of belonging to an ancient Sardinian tradition in the younger generation, is a point of pride. We must also mention the Sardinian tradition of wine production, which is believed to have originated with the Carthaginians. The region boasts some very interesting wines. Among the best-known single-variety DOCs are the infamous Cannonau, Carignano del Sulcis and Monica di Cagliari. Among the whites, Vernaccia di Oristano is one of the most famous white wines in Italy. The Vermentino di Gallura DOCG and the Dolce Malvasia di Bosa are not to be missed.
Have you ever thought about holding your event in a stunning natural setting? Our amazing liqueurs are created using our unique herbs: The king is a myrtle liqueur, and Filu e ferru is our local brandy, which has a strong character and rugged taste. Among the other blessings our land has to offer, we must also mention the olive oil tradition. The unique qualities of the extra virgin olive oil produced in Sardinia come from the land on which the olives are cultivated, an uncontaminated and pure soil that produces an oil with special characteristics that are appreciated all over the world. All these traditional aspects of life in Sardinia provide the backdrop for an infinite range of possibilities that only those who have a broad knowledge of the region can bring to life by offering a sensuous experience tailored to the specific needs of the client. You enjoy the experience; we'll take care of the rest!